DocForest 101: How to Prepare for a Documentary Slumber Party in the Woods

We are so excited about DocForest 2015 this year and we are so excited YOU are a part of it.

This is our fourth year having DocForest at the beautiful Kitsap Forest Theater.  (3000 Seabeck Hwy NW, Bremerton, WA 98312) . It is rustic and rad!

Here is what you need to bring documentary-wise:

  • Your idea for a project. This can be at any stage, from an idea in its infancy to something you have been working on for years. Be ready to talk about it and talk about it some more.
  • Your love for documentary film
  • Your social reserves—if you are an introvert (doc filmmakers can lean this way) this can be a pretty talky-social event, but the thing is—everyone is so interesting, it is easy. If you are someone that gets overwhelmed by too much talky, no worries— you can escape into the beauty of the forest here and there for some quiet.

Encouraged, but in no way required:

  • Five minutes or less of completed work for our SHOW AND TELL session on Friday night. Something you are proud of which says, This is some of what I do…
  • 2-3 minutes of footage of the project you are currently working on to be used during THE ART OF THE PITCH workshop on transferable media. (Does not have to be perfect, just a sample.)
  • NOTE: PLEASE BRING ANY WORK YOU HAVE ON A THUMBDRIVE (5 min or less for Show & Tell, 2-3 minute trailer/ footage for Pitch Workshop) BECAUSE THE INTERNET IS NOT DEPENDABLE.

What you need camping-wise:

  • tent (if you are camping and not bunking)
  • sleeping bag, sleeping pad and pillow (Don’t forget the pad. It keeps you warm!)
  • headlamp/flashlight and extra batteries (it is dark out there and there is a creepy cabin that is fun to explore post-bonfire for those who also want to make horror films)
  • warm clothes— layers (It looks like it will be mid 70’s in the day but mid 50’s in the evening
  • Your ability to go to the bathroom and shower in not a super private bathroom situation (You can always slip off during a workshop, but often they are so riveting this is difficult as well. Note: they aren’t gross, just cozy.)

Good idea to bring:

  • business cards to share
  • cozy hat
  • camping chair
  • shoes for walking in the woods
  • water bottle
  • alka seltzer in case you drink too much from the keg
  • bug repellent—I don’t think we have ever had bugs, but better safe than sorry.


I think that is it….. Can’t wait!!!!!!!