Leadership Announcement 2016

patriciaDear Seattle Documentary Association,

It’s November in Seattle Documentary Land and we are hunkered down in pre-post-distribution. If you are lucky you are in acceptance elation or like a lot of us, in deep into rejection blues.

Whatever phase of your documentary you are at, our documentary community is there with and for you. I know from experience- three full length documentaries worth and many shorts.  Our community support, knowledge, skills and referrals made each one possible.

If it wasn’t for our SeaDoc community, I would continue to stare at my screen, as I did for 6 months last year. Instead I am going into post production on my latest documentary. At the same time, I was able to recommend my favorite sales agent, post production team, animators, and graphics people to our members.

November is the time when the Seattle Documentary President steps down and a new president steps up. As I hand over the flip board papers colored with names and numbers in magic marker, I am overjoyed that Gisella Bustillos has stepped up. She has already expanded and improved our online presence so documentary filmmakers could connect more easily. She is creating an organizational structure that allows us to grow without losing our community.

So please join me in welcoming Gisella and thank you all!

Patricia Boiko
Chair of Seattle Documentary Association Committee 2015



WP_20151105_16_33_00_ProFellow Seadoc Members,

I’m excited and honored to be the next President of the Seattle Documentary Association in 2016. This year our membership has grown to over 350 members and at every event we continue to see new faces. As our membership expands, so do our ambitions to take the Association to the next level.

My focus for 2016 will be to:

– Partner with other organizations, local and out of state, to secure educational opportunities for SeaDoc members in the Seattle area

– Ramp up our outreach to encourage new and experienced filmmakers to jointly get involved in our local activities, as well as creating a vibrant online community to meet other documentary filmmakers

– Create and host stimulating events and workshops to advocate the importance of documentary filmmaking

– Continue supporting and promoting member’s film projects by expanding our online assets

Being a documentary filmmaker is often a lonely path, so it’s important to have a community that can understand and help you through your journey. The Seattle Documentary Association has been a great support for me and I hope it will for you as well.

I am looking forward to a great 2016!

Gisella Bustillos
President, Seattle Documentary Association