How to Use Our Member Directory

Did you know we have a Membership Directory? 
If you have been perusing our website recently, you may have noticed we’ve been making small updates here and there. One of our goals for this year was to create a Member Directory. Over the past few years we’ve been receiving emails from filmmakers asking for crew recommendations, thoughts on certain products, questions about the production process, and while our Facebook page has been a way for everyone to communicate, it doesn’t foster the connection and support that an online community needs.
We’re really excited to be launching a space to bring our community together with SeaDoc’s Member Directory. Here are just some examples of what you can do:
  1. User Profile: Create a profile that is searchable in the Member Directory. Your profile can include your biography, contact information, link to your latest work, and much more.
  2.  Social Activity: Keep everyone updated on what you’re working on and post on other’s walls. You can also embed videos and photos to your posts as well.
  3. User Reviews: If you’ve worked with someone before in the Member Directory, please consider leaving them a review on their page.
  4. Private Messages: Reach out to other users using a private messaging system.
Throughout the rest of the year we’ll be releasing new extensions like online forums, social logins, realtime notifications, notices, and much more.
How to add yourself to our Member Directory
  1. Sign up. Our membership form is free and easy. Just sign up here, create a username and password, and you’ll be ready to roll!
  2. Fill Out Your Profile Page. In order to activate your account, you’ll need to complete your profile page. Upload a profile picture (You’ll need this in order to be seen on the member directory), a cover photo, your biography, contact information, a trailer to your latest work, and list any skills that are under your tool belt.
Please don’t hesitate to email us at if you have any questions or need support. Since this is a new program, please let us know if you find any bugs, have any suggestions, etc. We’re hoping to hear back from you to see what works best.