New page coming to SeaDoc website – Career and Internship Opportunities

Exciting news!

SeaDoc loves #FilmInWA and we are all about sharing connections and opportunities within the film industry. With that said – we thought it would be a great excuse to construct a new page on our website! The Career and Internship Opportunities page is going to be a great way to connect with other dedicated, passionate filmmakers. You’re looking for a gaffer, DP, editor – email us to put it on SeaDoc’s Career and Internship Opportunities page. This is a great chance for students, graduates, and seasoned filmmakers all alike – to work with professional filmmakers and get practical experience in documentary within Seattle and Washington areas.

We are calling for all film related open positions in the Seattle area – career and internship opportunities. If you would like your wanted position posted on this new page, please email us at – with your details from the guideline below. Note that all the information included on the guideline will be posted on the Career and Internship Opportunities page.


  1. Contact Information



  1. Subject Line

(Be specific)

  1. Business/Projects


-Company/projects purpose/vision/developments/goals

-Links to pages, if provided

  1. Role/Focus

-Subject title

  1. Expectations

-Goals, purpose, details on position

  1. Time/Timeline

-Days, months, consistent, as needed

  1. Cost/Pay/Expenses/Benefits


-Benefits descriptions

  1. Application Materials

-Links, pdfs, notes


Please email us if you have any questions. Stay tuned to see when we reveal the new Career and Internship Opportunities page, coming soon!