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About Us

The SEATTLE DOCUMENTARY ASSOCIATION strives to cultivate a community of high caliber non-fiction storytellers in the Pacific Northwest by:

·  Providing learning and growth opportunities for documentary filmmakers  

·  Fostering connections between novice and seasoned filmmakers

·  Strongly advocating for the importance of documentary filmmaking

·  Supporting and promoting members’ film projects

We host events and activities throughout the year, including Nights Out, WIP (Works-In-Progress) screenings, the Annual Potluck Bash, and DocForest, a weekend retreat held in September.  We have partnered on special events with KCTS, the Northwest Film Forum and the Sundance Institute’s Film Forward program. Hazel Wolf Environmental Film Network has been our fiscal sponsor since 2014, to provide support for SeaDoc events and programs.

Raised Through Crowdfunding
Grants Awarded

2017 Steering Committee

Christopher Rufo

Head of DocCafe

Jonah Kozlowski

Head of Workshops

Pat Ford

Head of Fundraising

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Becoming a member of the Seattle Documentary Association is simple! There are no membership fees; just fill out the form below and receive our monthly newsletter and you will: 

  1. be the first to know about local documentary screenings and events 

  2. receive discounts from local film resources

  3. early bird specials for exclusive SeaDoc events like Doc Forest 

  4. become apart an awesome community of local filmmakers!
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