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The Human Race

NFFTY has grown into the world’s largest film festival for emerging directors. Each year the festival showcases films by directors 24 and under.

Saturday April 30, 5:00 pm
SIFF Uptown 1
511 Queen Anne Avenue North
The world is a complex place full of struggle, strife, and triumph. These four short excellent documentary films give voice to the voiceless and illuminate the human condition. Come see the lives of others through an unfiltered lens and see the events that are shaping our generation.
There Will Be Boats
Emilie K. Beck
Through the eyes of Norwegian volunteers, witness the refugee situation at the Island Lesvos in Greece, where the refugees from Syria and Kurdistan crosses international borders illegally by boat. The boat trip is one of the most dangerous routes from Turkey to Europe with refugees risking everything to get asylum.
Hands Up
Zinhle Essamuah
Maryland, USA
By documenting the stories of clergy and activists who are igniting a passion for justice and peace, this documentary captures the spirit of the #BlackLivesMatter movement as it transcends state boundaries and into the hearts of millions of Americans.
Jake Oleson
New York, USA
After spending over 20 years selling drugs on the streets and being in and out of jail, Dion Drew completely turns his life around with the help of a local bakery, the only company in the United States with an open hiring policy.
Crossing Brooks County
Kaley Belval, Nina Lindberg, Eric Cotton
Idaho, USA
Those who cross the United States – Mexico border in Brooks County, Texas often face devastating consequences. This film paints a portrait of life and death 70 miles north of the border.