This year at DocForest, we’re changing up the Works-In-Progress format.  Based on your feedback, we’re inviting interested filmmakers to submit WIPs in advance.  Video clips can be up to 7 minutes.
We will be selecting 12 film projects–at various stages of production–to workshop at the retreat.  We hope this new format will more closely resemble our WIP sessions throughout the year, and will allow filmmakers to leave with the constructive feedback they need to take their film projects to the next level.
Here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect at the event:
  • You will have ~2 minutes to introduce your clip.  This is your chance to offer disclaimers about what folks will (or will not) be seeing.
  • Your video clip can be up to 7 minutes.
  • After screening your clip, SeaDoc Steer Eli Kimaro will facilitate the feedback session, focusing on the key question you provide.  This will allow you to remain seated, and really focus on the content of the discussion.

    *Helpful Tip:  You might want to bring a recording device to record the feedback session (i.e., voice recorders on most phones work fine…)

    This listening can be really hard to do.  It can be tempting to jump in and answer audience questions or defend your point of view.  But don’t worry! It’s my job, as facilitator, to make sure the conversation is productive.

Interested in submitting your WIP?  Here’s what we need from you:
1) Submit a downloadable link to your 7-min WIP video file by Sun Aug 30.  Send your video file to ekimaro@alotlikeyoumovie.comvia email/wetransfer/yousendit/dropbox, etc.
2) Please include with your submission 1 discussion question that you most want answered in the feedback session–a question that feels most relevant in getting you/your project to the next step.
We will announce the WIP projects that will be screening at DocForest on Mon. Sept 7.
Can’t wait to see what y’all have been working on this year!!!